Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As We Depart!

The doom’s day is approaching,
My mind going blank again…
Devoid of words..
And, the emotions filling me up with pain.

So many Plans…
Getting shattered in a moment,
Is it some fiction??
Or a fate to lament…??

Oh Time..!!.. listen to me,
Can’t you stop just once..
My heart ain’t that strong..
To own so many hurts…!!..

Am I the one,
Embraced by this misfortune,
Parting was never so tough..
Even for The sun and the Moon…

Flaunting a smile, was never a hobby,
Though, a routine..
That it has become now for me…

Hee-Haws and giggles,
Jokes separated…
A sad saga commenced..
As we daparted..!!..
[Had Written This One... The day My best friend, Grishma Shifted... 2nd April, 2007...
Though...We are on different ways now.. yet very much Connected!]

Randomized Nevers.

I never win first place...
Winning is not on my list of priorities...I have no room for contests.
I am usually late in realizing the depth of a situation...
But, "Better late than never", as the saying goes...!!..
My spelling is good, but I am bad at maths...
I never liked numbers anyway...!!..
I have Attention Deficit Disorder, so I never do the same thing twice,
unless there are special benefits involved...!!..
I am not beautiful--inside or out.
I never intended to be.
Because beauty will fade away one day...!!..
Most of the times, I like to SCREAM and YELL,
although it never serves a purpose..!!..
But then, many things have no purpose and many more things never will...
in my aimless life...
I hate the sunshine.
It's much too bright sometimes.
I never enjoyed nature anyway..!!..
I eat meat, despite the fact that it never looks good...!!..
I'm such a big cynic. Cynics are never disappointed--
I haved learned through experience to expect the worst in all situations.
Never underestimate the power of reality, It might just drive you crazy...!!..

[This is the weirdest poem I have ever written.. Wrote This one... while i was getting bored with too many free lectures... and I didn't have any work to do... Except for studying.. and I was in no mood of doing that...then!]

Time Fleets!

Time is Short
Time waits for none...Time flies.
My fragile heart wants to soar.
But the cruel world just screams and roars.
I worked..studied and rushed when growing up.
Now I Wish to to go back and just stop the clock,
But time has his own way...
It is strong as the rock...
School bugged when i grew up...
But, didn't relaize when it became the good 'ole days?
And, there are no words now to redefine my amazing ways.
My days are now slightly shorter..
My wishes are longer and longer.
Though, My life continues to be fuller, I know it has become darker..
Time is still slipping, into the future.
Time flows Forever and ever.
It is Precious so Now i waste it never.

[Wrote it on a day... Immediately after I joined My junior College....It Was one of those days.. when I found myself Missing My School Days Too Much!]

The Monsoons Have Arrived.

As the Sky pours down the showers,
The dust from my soul is washed away...
My heart is flooded with dreams,
And, am busy searching the way!
The raindrops bring an end,
To the evergowing thirt of the drying soil...
While they enjoy the fresh, cool breeze,
I promise to stay focussed and toil.
The heat rising from the ground,
Is separating the evil from the good...
Thus, my mind to void of idleness...
and, the sudden shifts of mood.
I spread my arms wide open...
To welcome thee...O Monsoons!
Am craving for eternal blessings
So as to erase out my frowns.
The droplets clean and clear...
Are whispering sweet melodies in my ears...
Which are driving me towards my goal,
And, stealing away all my fears.
The blue sky... that was once so sunny...
Is no more bright...
In disguise of the grey clouds...
Is vanishing all my fright.
Singing joyfully in the rains,
merry making is in full swing...
I just wish That it remains So forever,
And, happily may I fly without Wings.

[June 2009]

An Ode To My Youngest Oldie!

Walked into my life, On July 19th, The bright Thursday...
And, that's when you drove all my worries away.

Your smiles and glimpses, evryday I longed to get,
Your words have forever made me understand what is correct.

Your classes I always looked forward to sit,
After knowing you, Perfection was no more a myth!

You have gifted me the sweetest memories of mine,
The greatest mansion in my heart will always be thine!

Even though You're far away from my eyes,
Your love and support makes me feel nice!

The day, I cried a tear, You wiped it dry,
When I was confused, you made me make another try!

You gave me the strength, to face the tough world,
And, escalated me to the sublime pedestal...

You showered on me, your love and held me high,
So high, that I could touch the sky!

You held my hand and made me realize...What is dignity...
And, that moment,Will last for eternity!

I just want to reside in your bosom as a sweet memory,
And, my love for you, I'll never bury!

Life will truly be so empty without you,
I can predict that smiles on my face will be very few.

Will miss your scoldings when I will go wrong...
Will remember your stares when I will sit with the food for too long.

Will search for your reminders to stay put to the books,
When i would be simply relying on flukes!

How can I so easily let go of you...
There will be a stabbing pain that my heart will go through..!

I want to enjoy the canopy of your love and care...
Will find it tough to live without you, It's true!

[This one Is Dedicated Exclusively To One of the most important Persons In my Life!]

Take Me Home!

AM tired of sitting here, doing nothing,
With another hour to go,
I feel dozing!

With hundreds of people hovering around me,
Still I am alone in this crowded sea!

Miles from here,
Is the ultimate joy,
Where nobody will stop me or destroy..!

Long across the distances, where I want to be,
There I will catch hold of all my desired glee!
The ones who will care for me,And, support will be absolutely free!

Someone to share all my sorrows,
There I don't have any foes...

Ohh! the Trains,
take me to my home,
Where amidst of my dear ones, I will freely roam!

[Wrote This One during One of the Lectures... When I terribly wished To Run Away to My Home...
Don't remember Which Lecture It was...Though...]


26th, The wednesday, Dawned as usual,
Nothing about it was at all dismal.
The birds sang their merry song,
Nothing that day, Seemed to go wrong.

The city moved on,
Basking in the busy life...
'Mumbaikars' beamed with joy,
Even in their regular strife.

While the day fulfilled the dreams of many,
The moonlight gifted the nightmare to all.
Making everybody realize that,
The blasts are the final wake up call.

The shining Taj,
And the Alluring Trident,
Were painted with blood...
Leaving on Mumbai's Map, a Dent!

The hearts that were filled with joy,
Reached the abyss of painful fear.
The people were shivering,
As they saw their end coming near.

What could one do...
Pray for their lives?
When the terrorists were in...
The mood of dreadful jives.

But, there is a hero everywhere...
Yes! They were the brave commandos.
Who knew nothing except the fact,
That the terrorists were the deadliest foes!

As they went for the kill,
A sense of revolution, in our bosom filled.
We knew, it is time,
to get united for something sublime.

Patience has been tested,
No political explanation to hear, are we interested.
Action is all we crave for now...
Will fight for your peace, Motherland..We promise thou!

"TERRORISM", yes! That's the word, we dread...
But no more, will we let our roads be clad red.
And, as the new generation awakens,
They will not be afraid to live in our nation
And, will freely breathe!

Mumbai... We salute your spirit..!!
As you are back in action, after being so harshly hit...
But, this time, An eternal flame in our soul been lit,
No more corruption are we going to greet.

From the attacks, A new Mumbai will revive
,As the phoenix, From the ashes got a new life.
It's high time we get our system straight,
Definitely, a revolutionary movement is in our country's fate!

[Versified This One After the 26th November... Mumbai terror Attacks]

Past Will Stay Forever!

How could you expect,
Me not to cling to my past?
It's the loveliest ever,
And, forever will it last!

Helped me carry through my worries,
My sweetest friends,
Whom you want me to forget,
Sorry! for it won't end..!!

Neither will I mend my ways,
Nor will I leave the memories,
That will, With me go away,
As will go my life's glees...!

Now, am forgetting the tears,
Still I own my ultimate cheers,
I felt it here...
With all my buddies so near.

And, it's time to bid farewell??
You got it all wrong...
Not my cup of tea to do so...
It's a way too long!!

Shocked am I,
with these news..That brings so much fun to you...
But, I've got reasons too few,
To relish this new hue..!

A deluge of tears approaching,
And, am afraid to take the next step...
Shattered, that's what my life is,
And, I cannot get your silly concept!

Washing away the thoughts is what you want,
And, am too stubborn to do that...
It maybe five years for you,
But, it's my life's ultimate pact!

Am glad to be chained by them,
Unchaining is not my idea...
Revealing my sorrow is worthless i know,
So, the smile is concealing my painful dilemma!

Moments to minutes,
That turned into hours,
Is what I'll find tough to leave,
But, if I don't do so...My heart will ache more...I believe!

So, here I leave,
All my life to thee...
And, I just want to plead...
"Please forgive me!"

Alone, will I die..
Without the cheers I swear...
But, it will become a habit...
And, the smile will i forever wear!
[February 2008...
Penned down After I was Thrusted With the News OF Shifting My Residence]

Random Thoughts and nothing else !


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