Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Ode To My Youngest Oldie!

Walked into my life, On July 19th, The bright Thursday...
And, that's when you drove all my worries away.

Your smiles and glimpses, evryday I longed to get,
Your words have forever made me understand what is correct.

Your classes I always looked forward to sit,
After knowing you, Perfection was no more a myth!

You have gifted me the sweetest memories of mine,
The greatest mansion in my heart will always be thine!

Even though You're far away from my eyes,
Your love and support makes me feel nice!

The day, I cried a tear, You wiped it dry,
When I was confused, you made me make another try!

You gave me the strength, to face the tough world,
And, escalated me to the sublime pedestal...

You showered on me, your love and held me high,
So high, that I could touch the sky!

You held my hand and made me realize...What is dignity...
And, that moment,Will last for eternity!

I just want to reside in your bosom as a sweet memory,
And, my love for you, I'll never bury!

Life will truly be so empty without you,
I can predict that smiles on my face will be very few.

Will miss your scoldings when I will go wrong...
Will remember your stares when I will sit with the food for too long.

Will search for your reminders to stay put to the books,
When i would be simply relying on flukes!

How can I so easily let go of you...
There will be a stabbing pain that my heart will go through..!

I want to enjoy the canopy of your love and care...
Will find it tough to live without you, It's true!

[This one Is Dedicated Exclusively To One of the most important Persons In my Life!]

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