Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take Me Home!

AM tired of sitting here, doing nothing,
With another hour to go,
I feel dozing!

With hundreds of people hovering around me,
Still I am alone in this crowded sea!

Miles from here,
Is the ultimate joy,
Where nobody will stop me or destroy..!

Long across the distances, where I want to be,
There I will catch hold of all my desired glee!
The ones who will care for me,And, support will be absolutely free!

Someone to share all my sorrows,
There I don't have any foes...

Ohh! the Trains,
take me to my home,
Where amidst of my dear ones, I will freely roam!

[Wrote This One during One of the Lectures... When I terribly wished To Run Away to My Home...
Don't remember Which Lecture It was...Though...]


  1. as usual my sis is none different from other college students:tired of boring lectures of the so called genius professors.but here she has used this situation to good effect and penned up a brilliant poetic work.way to go!

  2. hehe...!
    Still i find the last pages of everys ingle note book of mine.. filled with.. wat not.. lyrics... love quotations.. cartoons...sketches.. ahh!
    Wil miss these.. once the life's race begins... after few years!


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