Wednesday, May 20, 2009


26th, The wednesday, Dawned as usual,
Nothing about it was at all dismal.
The birds sang their merry song,
Nothing that day, Seemed to go wrong.

The city moved on,
Basking in the busy life...
'Mumbaikars' beamed with joy,
Even in their regular strife.

While the day fulfilled the dreams of many,
The moonlight gifted the nightmare to all.
Making everybody realize that,
The blasts are the final wake up call.

The shining Taj,
And the Alluring Trident,
Were painted with blood...
Leaving on Mumbai's Map, a Dent!

The hearts that were filled with joy,
Reached the abyss of painful fear.
The people were shivering,
As they saw their end coming near.

What could one do...
Pray for their lives?
When the terrorists were in...
The mood of dreadful jives.

But, there is a hero everywhere...
Yes! They were the brave commandos.
Who knew nothing except the fact,
That the terrorists were the deadliest foes!

As they went for the kill,
A sense of revolution, in our bosom filled.
We knew, it is time,
to get united for something sublime.

Patience has been tested,
No political explanation to hear, are we interested.
Action is all we crave for now...
Will fight for your peace, Motherland..We promise thou!

"TERRORISM", yes! That's the word, we dread...
But no more, will we let our roads be clad red.
And, as the new generation awakens,
They will not be afraid to live in our nation
And, will freely breathe!

Mumbai... We salute your spirit..!!
As you are back in action, after being so harshly hit...
But, this time, An eternal flame in our soul been lit,
No more corruption are we going to greet.

From the attacks, A new Mumbai will revive
,As the phoenix, From the ashes got a new life.
It's high time we get our system straight,
Definitely, a revolutionary movement is in our country's fate!

[Versified This One After the 26th November... Mumbai terror Attacks]


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