Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Monsoons Have Arrived.

As the Sky pours down the showers,
The dust from my soul is washed away...
My heart is flooded with dreams,
And, am busy searching the way!
The raindrops bring an end,
To the evergowing thirt of the drying soil...
While they enjoy the fresh, cool breeze,
I promise to stay focussed and toil.
The heat rising from the ground,
Is separating the evil from the good...
Thus, my mind to void of idleness...
and, the sudden shifts of mood.
I spread my arms wide open...
To welcome thee...O Monsoons!
Am craving for eternal blessings
So as to erase out my frowns.
The droplets clean and clear...
Are whispering sweet melodies in my ears...
Which are driving me towards my goal,
And, stealing away all my fears.
The blue sky... that was once so sunny...
Is no more bright...
In disguise of the grey clouds...
Is vanishing all my fright.
Singing joyfully in the rains,
merry making is in full swing...
I just wish That it remains So forever,
And, happily may I fly without Wings.

[June 2009]


  1. reminds me of H.W. Longfellow

  2. we had a poem of his in our course...
    Psalm of Life.. Henry wadsworth Longfellow.. I stll remember the poem by heart... one of my favourite poems..!


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