Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As We Depart!

The doom’s day is approaching,
My mind going blank again…
Devoid of words..
And, the emotions filling me up with pain.

So many Plans…
Getting shattered in a moment,
Is it some fiction??
Or a fate to lament…??

Oh Time..!!.. listen to me,
Can’t you stop just once..
My heart ain’t that strong..
To own so many hurts…!!..

Am I the one,
Embraced by this misfortune,
Parting was never so tough..
Even for The sun and the Moon…

Flaunting a smile, was never a hobby,
Though, a routine..
That it has become now for me…

Hee-Haws and giggles,
Jokes separated…
A sad saga commenced..
As we daparted..!!..
[Had Written This One... The day My best friend, Grishma Shifted... 2nd April, 2007...
Though...We are on different ways now.. yet very much Connected!]


  1. Its mixture of beautiful moments with a thought of the uncertain(OF KNOWN SADNESS...
    Keep it up...!!nice..reminds me of shelly!! =P

  2. ohh...! thats a real big big thing now.. Shelley..??
    Ohh.. I love Shelley's Cloud!

  3. great work done....
    a typical profile of yours...
    super yar..............


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