Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Past Will Stay Forever!

How could you expect,
Me not to cling to my past?
It's the loveliest ever,
And, forever will it last!

Helped me carry through my worries,
My sweetest friends,
Whom you want me to forget,
Sorry! for it won't end..!!

Neither will I mend my ways,
Nor will I leave the memories,
That will, With me go away,
As will go my life's glees...!

Now, am forgetting the tears,
Still I own my ultimate cheers,
I felt it here...
With all my buddies so near.

And, it's time to bid farewell??
You got it all wrong...
Not my cup of tea to do so...
It's a way too long!!

Shocked am I,
with these news..That brings so much fun to you...
But, I've got reasons too few,
To relish this new hue..!

A deluge of tears approaching,
And, am afraid to take the next step...
Shattered, that's what my life is,
And, I cannot get your silly concept!

Washing away the thoughts is what you want,
And, am too stubborn to do that...
It maybe five years for you,
But, it's my life's ultimate pact!

Am glad to be chained by them,
Unchaining is not my idea...
Revealing my sorrow is worthless i know,
So, the smile is concealing my painful dilemma!

Moments to minutes,
That turned into hours,
Is what I'll find tough to leave,
But, if I don't do so...My heart will ache more...I believe!

So, here I leave,
All my life to thee...
And, I just want to plead...
"Please forgive me!"

Alone, will I die..
Without the cheers I swear...
But, it will become a habit...
And, the smile will i forever wear!
[February 2008...
Penned down After I was Thrusted With the News OF Shifting My Residence]

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