Sunday, June 13, 2010

Acknowledging The Heart !

When we open the door to grab the newspaper and catch our neighbor’s eyes, we instantly smile; this is nothing but a simple way of acknowledging his presence. We purchase items from the grocery store after paying the shopkeeper, we smile at him; this deed of kindness is again acknowledging the shopkeeper’s presence. The whole classroom stands up and greets the professor acknowledging her presence in the class and similarly WHEN THE TEARS ROLL DOWN OUR EYES, IT IS NOTHING BUT OUR BRAIN’S SUBTLE WAY OF ACKNOWLEDGING THE PRESENCE OF OUR HEART.

There are people who do not lock up their emotions within themselves and some are often regarded as cold stones for they hardly show their emotions. But, who should we actually blame is the million dollar question whose answer is as simple as A.B.C.

There are exactly three varieties of brains that exist in the world. Firstly, the sympathetic, compassionate and selfless brain which does not have a trace of Ego in it. This is the brain that does not envy the existence of the heart and does not even mind giving the heart its due credit. I know the adjectives ‘compassionate’ and ‘selfless’ are too subjective to describe the biological unit of Brain, but after all our brain is also a part of body and a close associate of our heart. Neither can function without each other and hence, these qualities indeed do justice while explaining the Brain’s mettle. The altruistic brain cares not about who is around and what will the world think. It is kind enough to acknowledge the eternal company of the heart at any place and at any time. Though a large section of the world’s population consider it to be too cheesy and dislike such a benevolent brain, but a person with such a brain spares his heart a lot of pains as it does not hold back the emotions which suffocate the heart and gradually choke the throat. Every individual who has a selfish brain does go through the pain of not being able to be as expressive as he or she would have wanted to.

After the big-hearted brain, comes the ultimate example of hypocrisy. No person can ever be a worse hypocrite than this type of a Brain. This is the one which acknowledges the heart secretly when nobody is watching. As the world is considered to be full of hypocrites, even in the world of Brains, this is the most widely found brain. For some enormous unknown reason, this kind of brain feels ashamed to acclaim the heart’s presence in public and considers this act as an act of chivalry and is very proud to think this way too. This type of brain is mostly found in the population that hails from Mars.

Lastly arrives, the ever-confused brain which suffers from some neurotic syndrome because this brain is aware of its folly of holding back the emotions and not acknowledging the heart and indeed feels terrible about it. Though, the hearts that belong to such brains tend to fight back and at unexpected moments, forcibly earn the acknowledgment from the brain. This undeniably leaves the thinking section of our body shell-shocked, speechless and clueless. These brains are not as ruthless as the hypocritical brains because these do not have a very strong command over their hearts and they haven’t permanently chained their hearts too. They themselves are disturbed over their behavior and never support it either. These are the helpless lot of the three types.

Personally, I have not been blessed with the generous brain. Circumstances have proved that the Brain that resides in me is the perplexed one which very rarely remembers its companion, My Heart. But, nevertheless, My Heart has on certain occasions stood up for itself and has even left me teary eyed not just in a confined room but in front of others too. I have reprimanded my Brain to change its ways but, it acts in a manner which is too stubborn and hence, I have ordered my Heart, not to stay quiet for long but to fight back whenever things get too tough. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

I Certainly Hate You !


People often treasure SMSes which are very close to their hearts. Similarly, this post is dedicated to my Best Friend who has promised to treasure the SMS that I sent him a few weeks back saying 'I HATE YOU !' forever. This post was supposed to be out a few years later but, Fate can never get rid of its habit of bringing highly unexpected twists to me every now and then, so here I am writing for the most irritating friend of mine who knows exactly how I feel at any given point in time.

A couple of years back, we cursed our luck for not having met earlier and an year back, we happily retorted that the delayed meeting was to be compensated now with two years of togetherness. But, none of us knew the two years were never meant to be.

When my place would be changed because of his excessive comments during the lectures, I would get angry with him; when he would continuously tease me and link me up with every random guy, I would give him disgusted looks; when I would try to concentrate on the lecture and he would keep on hitting me, I would be highly irked; but I never could contemplate my college days without all these. At times, I would seriously threaten him that I will not sit next to him anymore but those were mere words, never uttered seriously.

When he asked me to pray for him, he says he himself didn't know for what reason he had asked me to pray. Nevertheless, the next evening he tells me that he detests to cause grief to his few special friends and yet he couldn't delay in giving me the news that has left him with mixed feelings and emotions beyond comprehension. It was one such news that made me fly without wings to see my best friend get what he always wished for. It was one such news that meant I would not get to see him everyday anymore and yet made me feel delighted and ecstatic. He got through the interview in the college he always dreamt to be in and amidst of all the happiness, it left both of us upset for quite a few reasons.

We suddenly realized that we need to finally make some new friends because till date, we never felt the need of another friend as long as we both gave each other company. Immediately I started imagining my Andrean life without his comments, his taunts and nevertheless his care and thoughtfulness. All of a sudden, the innumerable moments we spent together preparing presentations and projects crowded my mind. He was, for the first time in life, scared that he will have to enter an alien classroom with too many faces giving him various queer expressions; to enter a place where everybody knew each other while he was alone knowing none of them there.
But, he certainly forgot the most important thing.....that he is really quick at making friends and adjusting to any given surrounding. People cannot avoid him and they definitely feel bad detesting him and hence, hey my irritating buddy! wear your 'enigmatic' smile, march towards the classroom and shine brightly like the Sun...afterall, you are the 'SUNSHINE' and you know it, don't you?

Lastly, My Irksome Best Friend, your 'Sangad ka Asar' has indeed changed me for the good, in too many ways and I do not know who will bear my nonsensical talks about Astrology during literature lectures and I do not know in whose ears will I shout early in the morning...'Ghum Pachhe'. Honestly, just like you, even I am wondering who will be my partner now; I do not know who will be my team partner for any of the team events; I have no idea who will remind me to collect the notes before the exams and I simply am clueless as to who will help me during the presentations when none of my team members move a single muscle of theirs. But, nevertheless, we both knew this day had to come if not now, an year later when you would head on towards your dream of becoming the sports journalist and reporting straight from OLD TRAFFORD and I would stay here with Advertising and the Camera in my hands. So, lets leave the upsetting factor behind and make our lives more adventurous and exciting with new friends around. Though, am sure I will never have another Best Friend like you and I hope you do not find another Arundhati in your new college, who will bore you all day long, chattering incessantly.

To conclude with, you have always called me the Ditcher whenever I left you online and went back to my work without informing but this time, you are the real Ditcher and am happy that you have ditched me as it gives me a chance to get free passes for Blitzkrieg and to proclaim that my Best buddy is the best student in KC!

Never forget..I STILL HATE YOU BIGTIME and now you can treasure this token of best wishes forever with a lot of Hatred included which I know you do not mind when it comes from me. Cheers to you and always remember, this has happened for the best, though a bit sooner than it was expected, still, it's going to pave the perfect path for you.

Your genuine and crazy friend,

Random Thoughts and nothing else !


Happy Reading !