Monday, October 25, 2010


So did I ask you for anything ?
I am sure, I didn't.
Or did I expect a bit ?
Oh! No. Never.
Then, from where does this rift arise?
Why a feeling of sad demise?

The line; too distinct; it was drawn,
The rains didn't wash away, neither did it disappear by any storm.
O October! Why be so fateful?
A want so eerie, a wish so wistful.
Oh! Do not fear thee,
Like yesterday, it will never be.
A step or two, I did walk too much,
Still I didn't let the past with my present, merge.

I cannot lie, I put forth the truth,
I waited and waited, nothing helped the wait dilute.
In front of the mirror, now I question myself,
what book of expectations did reappear on the shelf?
From where on Earth did it return?
I go solemnly blank as I try to discern.

So, what do you suggest is needed?
Another long summer, another spell of rain?
I know nothing will suffice anymore,
to demolish the wall between my heart and brain!

No entry, yes! No entry for you,
No right you possess to reduce my laughter to smiles too few.
No room, anymore empty to again let you in,
Thus, I breath a sigh of relief, without an evil grin.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Those Childhood Days:

(Teacher: “John, You are Going Nowhere!” John: “Is Nowhere a place for the geniuses, Sir? Then I Probably belong there!”)

70 long years ago, Liverpool witnessed the birth of a mischievous lad who was ordinary in the eyes of every commoner but from within, was a LEGEND in the making. Always up for mischief and popular for his incorrigible ways, this kid possessed an uncanny knack of sketching and versifying at the tender age of 10. He was known as the ‘Happy Go Lucky’ chap who casted a spell with his charmingly appealing smile and got everything he wished for except for his Mother’s Love who abandoned him when he was just five years old. Nevertheless, his Aunt Mimi gave him the love more than his Mother could ever have given him.

Mother Lost, Singer Found:
(“Mother, you had me, but I never had you…I needed you but you didn’t need me”)

His Mother entered his life once again when he was 12years old. She taught him Banjo and bought the first guitar for him. But, his mother passed away in an accident when he was just 17 and he lost her again and this time, forever. This incident had a deep traumatic effect on him and he went on to composing numerous songs for her. He was profoundly influenced by Elvis and his Music. He started his first skiffle band, ‘The Quarrymen’ where he made some wonderful friends like Paul McCartney and George Harrison. (“Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis.”)

The Silver Beatles to The Beatles: 
(“What’s your message for American teenagers? “Our Message is…buy some more Beatle Records”)
And, the kid is now an adult and already a star! The musical journey that started with Quarrymen, now had a completely new line up. Here’s presenting to you: THE BEATLES with the funny guy drumming, Ringo Starr, the cute guy singing, Paul MCcartney, the serious boy strumming, George Harrison and the smartest one penning and crooning, JOHN LENNON. This was the phase where these Fav Four climbed the ladder of success with every song they composed and soon were at the pinnacle of glory. There was no stopping them and no looking back either. Soon, the world seemed to be a mere spectator of the growing Beatlemania. In 1964, they invaded the USA and created sheer hysteria among the crowds. Nevertheless, Lennon was the most outspoken and the controversial of them all. Thus, he earned the title of “THE MISUNDERSTOOD BEATLE”.(“I don't know which will go first - rock and roll or Christianity!”)

The Break Up:
 (“I am not the Beatles. I'm me. Paul isn't the Beatles...The Beatles are the Beatles. Separately, they are separate.”)
Each member’s artistic vision conflicted with each other and thus came the split in Music History’s one of the most influential groups. The Beatles were no more The Beatles. After the divide, Ringo and George almost vanished while Paul McCartney and John Lennon ruled as individual artists.

Lennon after the Beatles: 
(“Give Peace a chance”)
Lennon with his wife, Yoko Ono, immersed wholly in political activities. They were synonymous with Political Activism and Peace Movements. Lennon employed outright honesty and straightforwardness in his speech and chose his Music as the outlet for his anger towards the high-profile political figures who were real life epitomes of corruption. He acquired an Iconic Status among the old and the young during the turbulent period of the late sixties. But, as usual, he was Controversy’s favorite child and this time the issue was much graver. The then president, Richard Nixon was aggravated by Lennon's Anti-war demonstrations because he felt that would earn him a failure in his presidential campaign. Nixon ordered Lennon to be deported and held serious charges against him, which were successfully cleared three years later. But, nothing stopped Lennon from creating an impact on people’s minds and hearts. He resonates even today…three decades after his assassination.
 (“I've had enough of reading things, by neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians, All I want is the truth…”)

Listen, if anything happens to Yoko and me, it was not an accident.
8th December, 1980: The Music Dies! 
Mark Chapman, a crazy fan in Jet Black attire waited for days outside Lennon’s Residence, Dakota and on the end of the fourth day, when Lennon returned with Yoko Ono from yet another recording session, the man shot four bullets and Lennon took his last breath on his way to the hospital. The entire world mourned his death for days, weeks and months. The grief was of an unprecedented scale and millions of fans gathered for the ten minutes of silence that was observed the following day.John Lennon was revolution personified and was a product of the Swinging Sixties. But, the Eighties didn’t mark his end when he slept forever for his Words and Works are still very much alive and they resonate louder with every passing year. If he would have lived, the world would have been celebrating his 70th Birthday with him, probably singing some of his favorite numbers. Here, this post of mine is a mere tribute to the TRUE GENIUS who imparted lessons of Peace to the world when everybody was busy experimenting with Violence.
(“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that... I believe in what I do, and I'll say it. ”)

Happy birthday to 'The Walrus', JOHN LENNON!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wishes and Dreams, Some Beyond Reach!

My Dear Readers,

Before you reach the heart of this post, I want to make one thing very clear.
I have not yet watched 'Anjaana Anjaani' and this post was under construction over the last few months and it's finally ready. So, it was not the disastrous Rom-Com's aftermath. 
(P.S:Watch the movie for its Songs as well as Ranbir's debonair looks! He is a true charmer.)

Coming back to this post, I am a born dreamer and when I say a 'Dreamer' , I do not mean a dreamer who dreams easily achievable things. My dreams are always Larger Than Life. In the simplest words, I DREAM ONLY BIG ! And, keeping that in mind, when I sat down to pen down my Bucket List, I figured out more than I ever thought I would. But, never mind, when it's MY BUCKET LIST, you must expect such crazy list items. :P Afterall, I truly believe in 'LIVING LIFE KING SIZE..!' What a male chauvinistic phrase that is..! So, I would rather put it this way - "I ENJOY LIVING LIFE, QUEEN SIZE!" Sounds much more sane! :P

Now, moving on to my wish list, there's one more thing to be noted. That is, when you read the list, do not just read it but keep in mind because you can save your money from now on and gift me one or the other listed item for my coming birthdays.

So, here goes MY TREASURED BUCKET-LIST: (Saving the best for the, read till the end!)

- Own an enormous collection of ORIGINAL FOUNTAIN PENS: Oh My God! THEY ARE SO ELEGANT and, it makes me feel like an intellectual when i use a fountain pen for signing or writing. 

- Own a collection of signature Perfumes: Preferably the antique ones with the likes of Coco Chanel, Yardley & Caron..and the list is endless.

- Own a JET BLACK 'Volkswagen Beetle' car: The Older, the better! Infact, even if the steering wheel doesn't work or the tyres cannot be replaced, never mind, I simply wish to have one parked outside my house. 

- Own an 'AGED' Grand Piano: 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even a 5th hand one will do. But, it should belong to the imperial British Raj days!

- Have a ceiling height wallpaper of John Lennon on one of the four walls in my room: Oh my god! am already imagining one! 

- Wish for a truly vintage WINE collection, straight from the French Vineyards, which will grow better with time and be the best by the time I close my eyes as I am neither going to consume them nor let anybody else taste them.

- Wish to visit the Unique Book Fair of our country...atleast once. The Yearly Kolkata Boi Mela (The Calcutta Book Fair)

- Wish to hold my Portrait Photography Exhibition : This is simply because I am just too horrible when it comes to Portrait Photography and yes! I have acquired a bad reputation for clicking photographs wherein apparently, I make all my friends appear fat and ugly. Hence, I have taken up this challenge to prove them wrong and, the name of the exhibition is going to be 'THE FACES'. 

- Wish to attend the National Film Awards ceremony: Oh My ! I will get to see the intellectual cream of the film industry. (Am already dreaming about a start studded evening..mostly hailing from the Cultural Capital of INDIA- Bengal. Sorry! I tend to get pompous and end up being a chauvinist! Can't forget my Creative Writing Prof's comment on my Poem addressing me as Miss Bong ! :P)

- Enjoy a 3 month long vacation in Goa...all alone to myself, reminiscing the best days of life... (preferably during my last days...)

- Learn to play the guitar chords properly.

Now, the most important ones:

- Visit KOLKATA during DURGA PUJA.

- Celebrate one of my birthdays during my 30s or 40s... with the very very few people who know me or understand me the best.

- Trip to France: That's like my One Big Dream ! If anybody asks me which country should be made the world capital for Culture, Art and Literature; without any second thoughts I will vote for France.
  I have already planned the Itinerary for the trip:
  * The Musée du Louvre (Grand Louvre Museum!) 
  * Spend a night watching the glorious Eiffel ! 
  * The picturesque French Riviera.
  * Evening strolls at the shady boulevards of Paris.
  * Cannes (hopefully get a glimpse of the Cannes Film Festival)
  * Notre Dame Cathedral. Want to feel the gothic ambience there.
  * The Stellar architectures of Chateau de Versailles. The grand vestige of the French Monarchy.
  * And, hope to wrap up the trip with an extremely long drive through the breathtaking landscapes of the Alps.

And, with this, ends my Bucket List. Instead of calling it the Bucket List, I guess I can even call it the "Extravagant ways of Material Drain". :P Anyway, It's just a Wish list and Wishes need not always be true though, it feels great when they are a part of our reality. So, here I conclude this list of mine, with fingers crossed and maybe when I take my last breath, my fingers stay crossed even then.

ALWAYS DREAM BIG, RATHER THE BIGGEST that way, even if the Biggest ones are not fulfilled, the BIG ones surely will be true.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This poem is simply the most random poem I have ever written. During my Creative Writing lecture, the professor came up with this surprise Poetry Writing test and all I could come up was the poem that follows... The attempt could have been better and hence, somehow, I haven't felt the true sense of satisfaction with this work..!
Hope you guys enjoy reading this...!


The clashing reds and the shocking pinks,
The heap of filth that only stinks!

'MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!' They went around chanting,
It was the reality, the social structure dismantling.

The 'SUMMER OF LOVE!' took the nation by surprise,
The psychedelic anarchy, on the mighty rise!

The weeds ended the lives in ashes,
the 'Purple Haze' was available in sachets.

'TURN ON, TUNE IN AND DROP OUT!, they all fell down,
They flower child mind the people calling him 'THE HAZARDOUS CLOWN'!

The whole of the Western world called them 'Creepies!'
While they proclaimed themselves as the carefree 'Hippies'!

Random Thoughts and nothing else !


Happy Reading !