Friday, April 2, 2010

‘SERENDIPITY’ - Ordinary yet Amusing!

After the disastrous failure of ‘Town and Country’, director Peter Chelsom bounces back with a lot of sensitivity and a little bit of sensibility with the enjoyable rom-com, ‘Serendipity’. It definitely does not make you laugh your hearts out but does have the power to make you stick to it till the very end and leaves a pretty long hangover too. The movie makes your heart think and your mind feel!

Christmas is the time when folks expect miracles to happen and forces of nature to act together in order to attract happiness into their lives. Similiarly, one such winter night, Jonathan (John Cussack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) crossed their paths; spent a couple of hours together and a connection was formed; truly eternal in nature. Jon knew he found the love of his life while Sara believes that nothing happens accidentally unless Fate conspires. Hence, to be sure whether they are meant to be together, she plans a test. Unfortunately, Fate disappoints both of them as the Test ends on a failure and they set out on their own separate paths. 
Hang on! They do exchange their numbers. Jon writes his number on a 5$ bill while Sara writes her number inside one of her novels. But, they both send out these objects into the Universe and hope the Universe brings them back together someday.

 Ahead few years, Jonathan and Sara are remotely close to each other and both of them are all set to walk down the aisles with individuals, who they do not think are their soul mates. Both of them, unhappy down their hearts set out to find each other and begins the twists and turns which ultimately unites them.

Like every other romantic comedy, Serendipity too does not demand you to use your brains and to analyze the events. John Cussack with his charming looks will appeal almost everybody on the other side of the screen while Kate Beckinsale does not over do her expressions at any point of the movie. The story line may not unpredictable, yet the performances are commendable enough to label this flick as one of the most watchable romantic comedies for hearty laughs. Molly Shannon and Jeremy Piven justify their roles as Kate and John’s best buddies without any bit of superficiality.

The movie does promise a gentle sigh of relief at the closing scene when the couple unite finally after way too many ‘almost met’ situations. Nevertheless, at some or the other point, the movie even makes you believe that we are mere puppets and we move as the Universe wants us to move. ‘Serendipity’ brings to you an out and out entertaining as well as a memorable tale of two lovers searching each other in the milling crowd of millions. So folks! do not wait for any ‘Fateful Accident’ to bring you across this movie. Instead, go and look out for ‘Serendipity’ and gift yourself and people close to you, a delightful movie experience.

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