Saturday, October 3, 2009


Can you find a single individual on this Earth who denies having a passion for something? It can be anything.... From stamp collecting to Star-gazing, from river rafting to sky-diving. It maybe adventurous, dangerous, silly and it can even be as simple as whiling away time by sleeping.

Eversince my childhood days, I had this extra keen interest towards the crisp sound of the 'Shutter'. With time, My ears got accustomed to this sound which seemed like the sweetest sound. My curious eyes would immediately turn around, everytime my eager ears couls sense such a sound.
Yes! am referring to the world of 'FLASHES', 'LENS', 'FILMS' and most importantly, the 'CAMERAS'.

When I was young, it seemed the most puzzling mystery yet so very entertaining, the way the snaps would be developed so beautifully. This was the time when I started falling in love with the camera. Only I knew how much I loved the flashlight and only the cameras knew what a crazy admirer they had in me. I could never imagine any of my special moments complete without a click.

This madness lasted for almost a decade.

Then came the separation and, the frame hardly saw me roaming infront of him. A distance was formed between us just to bring us closer than ever. No more would I enjoy staring at the lens, with a constant smile because now, it was my time to handle the clicks. It was the other side of the camera that attracted me. No more would everybody find me in almost every photograph in the album. I was turning into the CREATOR now. Very soon, I cultivated a strange mania about clicking photos.

It was back during the days of the Cameras being able to capture only 36 stills as the scientific advancement was on yet widespread in India. Hence, there was a line drawn very distinctly and I had to limit my mind wandering from one scene to another.
It was my Dad's jet black Yashica camera, that paved my way towards My first ever photographic creation. It dates back to November, 1999...the Aguada Fort, Goa. That's where my Photographic journey commenced.
Thereafter, the love for clicking snaps kept on deepening.
But, it took me over 8 years to unleash my desire for clicking without any lines drawn anywhere. It was the summer of 2005, when Dad bought the Nikon Digicam and revolutionized my passion for photography. It gave wings to my imagination to fly and create psychedalic snaps.

Today, the mere Interest of mine has Transformed Into an Obsession..

The camera is no more any want for me, it is infact, a necessity.

I have developed a phobia... Neither HYDROPHOBIA nor ALTOPHOBIA... it is the phobia of NOT HAVING THE CAMERA with me. I simply cannot trace back the last memory which I have not captured in the digital frame.

I would love to term the camera as "My Best Friend" because it never demands anything, gifts me smiles as it keeps a colourful track of every special moment and understands my imagination the best. I hardly feel lonely when am with this lifeless object. It is lively in it's own unique way and that is what distinguishes the Camera from anything else.

The liking for the lens that entered my life during my early childhood days, shaped up into the love very soon and flourished as an intense passion, which is now at its zenith...infact, it's nothing less than any obsession.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Our Body Is The Temple Of The Living God"

Am certainly not here to shake the faith of the Atheists around and, nor do I wish to prove their way of thinking wrong.
Over the years, it's been the most purplexing thought for me and I guess, many readers too might have faced the same situation while pondering about God's Residence.
It's been a matter of debate for millions of centuries and yet, mankind has not been able to deduce any concrete answer to the question....


The answer to these questions differ everytime it's asked.
Some believe to see God in disguise, behind the innocence of the toddlers, while, some proclaim that God is not confined in any shrine or temple but, God is within our hearts. While the Bible states that God lives above seven skies and Our Earth is his 'Fotstool'.
But, what is the truth ? Has anybody ever seen Him? No! Maybe, we are not strong enough to face the silhouette and the glimmering halo of the Supreme Power.

Here I am, with my new post, filled with what I feel about God's existence.

I personally am of the view that we can neither find him behind the faces of the kids and nor is he deep down in our hearts.
But, we can feel and see him almost everywhere and every moment. The morning begins with Him, spreading the bright rays of hope in the form of the radiant Sunrise, while he wraps up the day with a sky full of his blessings in the form of a shiny star-filled palette above us. During the rainy season, we can feel God's presence in the form of the several-hued rainbow.
God dwells in every subtle object, every miniscule emotion, around us and within us.
We can get a glimpse of God in every individual, we meet during our life's journey. Even in the harshest tyrant, we can see something of a softer nature. God lodges in the simple rosary beads of our Grandparents. The entire universe is His creation and hence, at every nook and corner of the Earth, we can witness his virtues.

The Pagan mythology believes in paying obeisance to Him via worshipping the four elements of nature, namely, EARTH, WATER, FIRE AND AIR. This belief is not restricted only to the Islam but even the Elizabethan period was ruled by the very same concept.
Our actions and deeds are often prompted by our hearts, but, behind all our ways, it's HIS hand guiding us through the doldrums of our life!

Perfectly said by the great philoshoper, Emanuel Swedenborg.

To conclude the post I, would love to put forth my idea about God's Home via one statement....


Random Thoughts and nothing else !


Happy Reading !