Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing compares to the 'World Famous Chase'.

The cops chasing the wicked scoundrels, the hunter chasing the deer, the farmer chasing the hens away; all these chases ultimately have a violent and tragic ending. 
But, nothing on earth can beat the chase that seems endless and yet has an end, the rivalry that appears to be too brutal and sadistic but wraps up on a friendly note, the notorious race that brings no tears but only cheers us up. 
Yes! am referring to the worst foes and the best buddies; the world famous 'Tom and Jerry show !'. I bet no one will disagree with me when I say that 'Tom and Jerry Show' is the ultimate stress buster.

Over the years, I have inculcated this very bad habit of sitting with my lunch infront of the television set, switched onto Cartoon Network. Fortunately, the afternoon hours have always been devoted to my favourite show. All I would end up doing was spending over an hour, nibbling as lazily as a sloth and laughing as excitedly as if I was Jerry the Mouse. Surprisingly, even after giggling for almost years a score, there has been no alteration in the amusement that they create.

This laughter riot from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer warehouse is undoubtedly one of the best cartoons ever created. The most fascinating part of this entire series is that these two highly charming characters are absolute entertainers in their own right. They do not need any villain to create a thrilling moment. They are highly proficient in brilliantly crafting those breathtaking moments. They do not demand any policeman to create suspense. They have their own exceptonal ways to keep you glued to your television sets. Most importantly, they never call for any otherworldly ghosts to frighten you for their own devious plans are lavish enough to scare the hell out of you!

At times, the show definitely brings out the cruel side of you when you unconsciously keep on supporting Jerry the Mouse, regardless of all the mischief and havoc he causes. Everytime Jerry ruins the painstaking plans of Tom the cat, the child within you cheers for Jerry without any bit of sympathy for Tom. There is one distinct lesson that Tom gives us throughout the series. It is 'Try, try and keep trying till you succeed'. Though the poor cat hardly tastes success and all thanks to the clever Mouse. The show certainly is the best humorous portrayal of 'Violence At Its Best !' where you see Jerry shredding Tom into millions of pieces, Jerry inserting Tom's tail into the electric socket, Tom employing almost every possible brutal instrument like bullets, poison and even dynamites to kill Jerry. The show has been criticized for its excessively gory nature but still is loved by one and all across the world.

Keeping aside all the mayhem and destruction caused throughout the starting fifteen minutes of the show, what stands out at the end is the 'Genuine Friendship' that exists between the Cat and the Mouse. Definitely, they are 'Friends Forever', who cannot survive without fighting with each other,yet enjoying the company of one another. One cannot imagine Jerry without Tom and Tom without Jerry. This is the depth of their bond which makes them stick together after all the revengeful bloodshed. 
Cheers to the ultimate fighters of the century..'The Tom and Jerry Show' rocks !

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


What if you had to wait for 50 long years to be united with your true love ?
Wouldn’t it be a real long wait?”

After "PS I LOVE YOU" , Cecelia Ahern comes with yet another heart-warming story which promises an out and out emotional journey for the readers, but if you're looking for a 'PS I Love You' part two, then you will be sadly disappointed as here, in this book, you enter the world of Rosie Dunne and her best friend Alex Stewart. The book certainly strikes a chord with everyone as the writer fabulously portrays the relationship through the years. It beautifully follows the life of Rosie and Alex - from the age of 7 and right up to their 50s. Through their deep rooted friendship to crazy pranks, from their stressful teenage years to the busy humdrum of adulthood, this book successfully delineates each phase of growing up.

The readers must not expect any richness in the writing as the book is entirely written in the form of letters, chat room conversations, electronic mails and even features the innocent chits passed during the lectures. As it is full of everyday conversations, one will find a decent share of profanity too. Though, it will take few pages for the readers to get accustomed to reading cheeky letters but, very soon they will find it hard to stop themselves from opening the next letter. Everybody will connect to the story very well as it seems to definitely match to some or the other incident from their own lives. We see that Alex is not good with spellings, and even as a professional, he writes "no" instead of "know" which annoys Rosie a great deal. The plot seems to be more or less predictable and, the readers can at times feel that the story is far too stretched with inclusion of unnecessary twists. There are some lengthy mails and letters which the readers will never want to receive in their own lives, but one cannot forget the too many crazy moments to look out for in this book. One of them which will definitely make you burst into laughter is “the marriage taking place in a chat room”.

Nevertheless, this book is an excellent coalescence of the lighter side of life along with it’s trials and tribulations which concerns issues like young motherhood, marriage, adultery and grief. It’s a brilliant gamut of emotions, where one minute you find yourself laughing and the very next moment, you are wiping away the tears, but throughout the book, there’s an eternal hope that the protagonists will make it together this time. And, of course! The hopes of the readers are not crushed as there is a happy ending. What more can be there in an enchanting love story??
Lastly, here are the first 3 letters exchanged in the book……

To Alex
You are invited to my 7th birthday party on Tuesday the
8th of April in my house. We are having a magician and you
can come to my house at 2 o’clock. It is over at 5 o’clock. I
hope you will come.
From your best friend Rosie

To Rosie
Yes I will come to your brithday party on Wensday.
Form Alex

To Alex
My birthday party is on Tuesday not Wednesday. You can’t
bring sandy to the party because mum says so. She is a smelly
From Rosie

Monday, March 8, 2010

'MY LIFE' musically expressed by my 'DEAR JOHN'.....

'GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING' to all my readers!

'YESTERDAY', I 'BORROWED TIME' from my busy and hectic schedule and was retrospecting for a while. I hallucinated 'JOHN & YOKO' in my room. 'YA YA!' and I exclaimed, "'YOU ARE HERE'?!!?!?"
As i heard The Beatles' music floating in the air, both of them whispered in my ears "'IMAGINE !!'" and all that followed was 'MY LIFE' through 'LONG LOST JOHN's' compositions.

I recall as a child, 'WATCHING THE WHEELS' of big cars and small ones and asking too many questions. The replies to which almost always started with 'BECAUSE...'. I went to school and 'I FOUND OUT' too many new mysterious things that 'NOBODY TOLD ME' earlier about. Being an extremely talkative student, I heard a different 'WOMAN' every year repeating, "'LOOK AT ME'", everytime I would wish to turn around and talk to my friends. Some dull classmates of mine would comfortably doze off to sleep while the teacher would be imparting lessons. I wondered, "'HOW DO YOU SLEEP?'" with so much happening around you every moment?

Half a dozen years passed and I learnt not to rush over things but too take 'ONE DAY AT A TIME'. With few more years of more and more 'MIND GAMES', with my dearest buddies, I reached the point 'IN MY LIFE', where i could hear too many voices reiterating " 'DONT LET ME DOWN!!!' " Seriously, 'IT'S SO HARD' when on one hand, you want to be 'FREE AS A BIRD', while on the other hand, you know 'WHAT YOU GOT' to do in reality is not an easy task.

Then when the judgement day arrived, all we knew was 'HARD TIMES ARE OVER'...with flying colours everywhere, all we heard was 'BLESS YOU!' After all the hullabaloo, I sat in 'ISOLATION' and had a conversation with 'GOD'.
and I heard his gentle voice say, "My 'SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN!' You must always know that 'NOBODY LOVES WHEN YOU ARE DOWN AND OUT' and so never feel 'CRIPPLED INSIDE' and never let 'LONELINESS' reside in your heart. Wear the smile like you have done all these years and life will be as simple as A..B...C..."

Everything seemed to be perfect until the fateful day which marked a brand new beginning! It was 'JUST LIKE STARTING OVER' from the scratch as everything seemed so very different. 'OUT OF THE BLUE,' 'I FOUND OUT,' way too many glares which were piercing through me.
After a couple of days, I told myself, " 'I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER' that 'IT'S SO HARD' this way. 'I DONT WANNA FACE IT' ". Every afternoon, I felt like screaming from the depth of my soul..."Why don't you guys...'GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!!' Don't promote dictatorship !! Every single 'WAR IS OVER !!'"Soon enough, 'I FOUND OUT' what message was actually conveyed through the same very statement. Some would say "'YOU ARE HERE!!'" but, would sarcastically mean "so, 'YOU ARE HERE !'" while there were few wonderful souls who said "YOU ARE HERE!" and I felt they were welcoming me with open arms.

There I spent two very happening years. There were days IN MY LIFE, when i found myself saying, "I'M LOSING YOU!" and there were times when I thought "I FEEL FINE!". After all the hustle and bustle, I stepped out again. This time to my present world. And, now....'IN MY LIFE', 'I'VE GOT A FEELING' that am as 'FREE AS A BIRD' and 'I KNOW' for sure that 'HARD TIMES ARE OVER' and, it's best to be a 'WORKING CLASS HERO'ine!!!!!

And, as I laughed over my improvisation of 'WORKING CLASS HERO', I heard the legend crooning,

'YA! YA!'...that man always knew the right thing at the right time.
I just love JOHN LENNON who wonderfully penned down my whole life in his discography.
CHEERS TO LENNON for writing songs for every season and every reason !
There shall never be another ambassador for peace like him and the impeccable image of UTOPIA that he projects in his song, 'IMAGINE', defnitely sets him apart from the milling crowd of the songwriters of his era and the eras that followed.
Lennon was not for only the Sixties, but he will be alive in every heart till the end of mankind.
He redefined PEACE and LOVE through his soul stirring compositions.
Lets call it a post and end it with another stroke from the maestro's collection.... 'GOODNIGHT!'

Random Thoughts and nothing else !


Happy Reading !