Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Abstain, Refrain, Restrain !

The grape vine talks, 
I never believed them.
You say, I hear, I trust.
But, a fearful change had to come.
Off late, it's different.
You talk, I learn more than you speak.
Ah! you don't know.
You don't know the way you thought you knew.
It's the demand of the months gone by - the space.
It's this space; day in and day out; 
It exists.
The words, they travel empty miles to reach.
They arrive.
I'm broken.
My patience, you test; I abstain.
My temper, you examine; I refrain.
My silence, you question; I restrain.
Do not wonder, "How?'
It's simple.
Wear a smile; convincing enough.
Design a world; familiar enough.
Walk on. Isn't it simple? 
I wish !


  1. Read something from you after long !
    Wonderful poem...well written ! :)

    *btw this is the same comment that was posted in FB*

    Take Care.

  2. Very simple words , but the message hidden is quite deep ! Somehow we all could relate to it in one way or another .. I have read this poem thrice , but still feel like reading again .. loved it !:)


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