Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Royal Mother Figure

Prof. Kajali Raina..
My Junior College English Professor.
A Lady of Sheer Substance and Values.

She is truly 'Sensibility' and 'Sensitivity' Personified...
Her pulchritudinous eyes speak volumes of her deep emotions and are as expressive as her words.

Surprisingly, I don't remember a single word she spoke when we crossed our paths for the first time...
It was 4 long years back at an Uncle's Place...
Maybe I didn't wish to feel her presence because she was just a smiling stranger for me.
But, that was not what God had written for both of us.
It was in our destiny to meet once again...
2 years later and this time,
to give birth to a bond that I am confident will last forever.

Quoting her words...

Yes! We sure are and we will forever be.

19th July, 2007 will be etched as one fo the most memorable days in my life for I met her...
i MET MY ELIXIR for the next 2 years on this date.
My friends praised her... praised her teaching...and because she didn't have a lecture in my class in the first 6 days, I suddenly found myself eagerly waiting for her lecture.
And, frankly, it was the very moment she entered the class that I was under her magical spell and it was instant love...

My friends don't believe me when I say that I hardly interacted with her all through my first year in college.
It was not that I didn't like her but, it was her mesmerising aura that never made it easy for me to speak anything in her presence and I always experienced a loss of words everytime I saw her.
But, she knew it that her Arundhuti finds it difficult to phrase out her feelings and hence, even without me retorting or being vocal about my feelings for her, she knew it.
[YES! only she has the right to spell my name that way!]

Her lectures were something I longed for... And, her glimpse was something my eyes searched for everyday.
And, my second year in college was completely different for I began interacting with her more...
And, The more I spoke to her.. The more I knew Her..
And, the more I knew her.. The more I admired her...
She has corrected me at every step I faltered...
Her words ring aloud in my ears and I feel her presence next to me every moment of the day...!

There is this funny element in our relationship..
I never genuinely compliment her... and infact, irritate her with my sarcastic and cheeky words...
But, everytime, she feels low or is troubled, that is when I order my flippant tongue to stay out of the scene.

Now, I understand why I found myself singing infront of the whole class...
"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You..."
I mean It...!

This is the most imposrtant post till date...
For I myself have lost the count..how many times I have written and re-written this same post..
Everytime, I find something or the other is missing...
Honestly, Howmuchever I write for her.. nothing will perfectly express my immense love for her.

And, I couldn't think of any other day to publish this post...
As I feel today is the most appropriate day.. for it's the Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day to my Royal Ma...
Love You Loads...!
Keep Smiling!


  1. she is a mesmerising soul...i keep telling her shez da best teacher i can ever have...but more than a teacher she is a grand personality...da way she handles herself is amazing...her gentleness,her elegence,her presence is just enigmatic...aru this is a really nice post about a magnificent personality

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  3. Dearest Arundhuti,

    Years back I had watched a film "THE SOUND OF MUSIC". There was a beautiful song in the film amidst the galore of great musical hits. ...."I must have done something good " As a child I would sing it without being able to draw in the splendour of the song. But when I see a post like this and when I am showered with love from my students I truly unravel the soul stirring element in this song and thank god profoundly for having found you all in this life of mine as a simple TEACHER. I am glad that I left Royal in August 2008 and not earlier as I am blessed to have met you and the rest. Rafaa, thank you for the love that embodies your words as you compliment Arundhuti for her post.
    Love you Arundhuti and all your friends who mean the world to me.
    FOR ALL OF YOU............................... I REMAIN RAINA MISS till I make my peace and surely even thereafter.

  4. Ohh!
    My blog just received the platinum touch...!
    N am at a loss of words again...
    this should be some sort of a neurotic disorder...
    Thank You will obviously fail to sum up... hw much happy I am to receive a cimment from you...
    This is going to be the most special comment...forever...!
    Thanx once again!

  5. Hey Rafaa..
    Thanx a lot...
    You r right.. she is the best teacher..Anybody can ever have!

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  7. Arundhati, you as a writer have managed to immensely impress the reader in me. Irrespective of the fact, that I know the lady who inspired this article, I felt really good (for lack of better words)reading this piece of literature.In fact, to prove just how well you write I would like to mention...in order to know what you meant to say I opened the dictionary to find out the meaning to all the difficult words I encountered in the article( and I hate interrupting my 'reading flow' & refer to the dictio.!)Keep up the good word.

  8. And as for Raina Mam...she is easily one of the few lovely creatures I've met.If ever I could love like she does, without thought or doubt...I would consider myself lucky.

  9. yes she is the best teacher one student can desire for the GREAT RAINA MAM


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