Thursday, March 12, 2009


The person who comes to my mind just after Gaurav is Sanchayan.
Yes! I hope you got the name right..

Sanchayan Bhattacharjee
or Dibbo..??

SO many names for one multi-talented...multi-cellular...specimen of Humanity!
He is more of a big brother..
But, at times, we swap roles according to the situations and it's tough to tell then, who is elder among us!
He has been a true anchor for my Ohh so unpredictable life... for the past few months.

We both share one regret...and we will have it forever.
It is like..
My Mom would go gaga about this guy... during my schooldays.
She would retort..
"Rupa Scolds her Son for no rhyme nor reason, Sanchayan is a true all-rounder."

Yet, I never had met him. Weird, isnt it?
The weirder fact is...
Gaurav and Sanchayan were best buddies, would enjoy evenings playing soccer together.
Yet, We never met... even chance mettings never happened.

But, it is very rightly said that
If the Universe conspires for a relation, then, nothing worldly can ever stop it from happening.
And, thus, I met this wonderful guy on my very 1st day of Junior College.
And, because I had heard a lot about him from my Mom, I asked my pal, Vaisakhi that There is this guy named Sanchayan or sunshine in her class...
Then, she pointed out towards
a tall fellow, with big and thick spectacles and how can I forget, he too seemed as if his flesh was stolen away like mine.
I thought.. Ohh! He is the first person I met, as thin as I am.
Though, it was simply a hi and a hello that day but, later on..

Just cannot predict How..
But, we became extremely close. Rather, cannot guess the precise moment, but, I started addressing him as my Dada and am grateful to God for the support he gives me...

I even have lot many memories with him... But yes...
few ones That I will never forget are..
The 1st October....

Our Day 1 of the Founder's day rehearsal,

when after our tiring practise session, we had Pav Bhaji together...
and, one of our friends, interpreted that lunch of ours as a date and went around saying
He was That Someone Special of Mine..

and, we both were amazed at such a finding..
It was actually hilarious...
When I heard it for the first time, I thought of consulting an ENT and even suffered from a shock
But, anyway... crazy people keep on spreading crazy rumours.
Now, one of those

phases that brought us really close to each other .

We discovered new individuals, within us that we thought were dormant till date...
It was the entire rehearsal time from 1st october till 11th october.
It was a superb time spent with him that I will never forget.
He is the only guy, who has seen me cry...
I had wept and wailed in his presence and he too was upset...

And tried his best to console me...
The support and the canopy of care that he gave me then,

I don't think anybody else could have given me ever.
But, let the bygones be bygones.
Don't want to open or reveal any of that too personal memory.
Nevertheless, the way he stood by me... When my entire world had left me,

I guess...he proved that he is really the brother I needed next to me.
I can proclaim that he is the only fellow i can confide in!

Last and a truly special memory is...
When a girl had played a prank on him and unfortunately,

his cellphone was confiscated...
I had given "dhamki" rather threatened that girl for playing such a prank...
Later on, I have had too much of fun, teasing him...
and, his expressions were worth recording...
How i wish I would have had a video camera at that very moment.

One very important lesson I have learnt from him is...
To give time to everything.. and not to hurry and to be calm and patient.

and, yes! Am proud that he has finally learnt the Art of filling greeting cards

and the credit goes to me..
Don't you agree, Bro! ? !
Canot thank him as he says too much of formality doesn't suit me..
Hence, a Big Cheers to You!

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