Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 4evr Prankmate!

I would definitely be a sinner if I don't include this fellow into my list of dearest pals...
My partner in all the naughty pranks dating back to our schooldays...

Yes..! Gaurav Joshi..

Would love to confess it here in the blog..
I was smitten by his handwriting...
Infact, anybody would be for that matter..

Have been knowing this chap for more than 6 years now...
He doesn't seem to have changed even a bit over the years.

Back in those days, we would go on and on chattering about every possible non-sensical topic from
How to waste time till
How cruel a manager Jose Mourinho is..
Have got too many cherished memories with him..
He is one of those guys who has seen me going through bad phase and even I have seen him..
And, yes! he has never a mere spectator, but he took the pain to help me out.
Actually, we both suffered from the same problems...
You See..the Like-Minded Connection strengthens our bond..
He is also a typical saggi... Just like me...
An expert at playing with words... and studying is even his part time job..
rather, it is a burden for both of us..

Would Love to share few of our memorable incidents..

First one of the lot...
We were crazy football freaks and we worshipped RuuD VaN NistelrooY...
And, every year,we celebrate His Birthday Together... on 1st July.
Though, now we don't reside at physical proximity and hence, cannot be together on this auspicious day..
but, still we make it a point to celebrate our God's Birthday!
During our school days, we would don the Man Utd jersey and buy chips..pastries and other junk food and then
Holla..! there we went enjoying this day as if it was our own birthday!

Second One...
It was the FIFA world cup craze that made us ill in 2007!
Football fever was high and, during the Dull Chemistry and Biology Lectures...
[we thought so.. others never thought for they understood the matter]
we would make graffitti on our last pages of the notebook and sketch football fields and what not..
We were busy doing all these when we both heard somebody screaming..
"Arundhati and Gaurav...!"
N our heads turned.. Ohh! Our Bio teacher...all set to crunch our little innocent heads n our graffittis...
She caught our sketches and Gaurav's place too was changed and, even today,
we term this incident as.. "red card mil gaya edwin van der sar ko!"
Can never forget that day..!
We had taken so much of pain to make it..!

Last and my favourite one...
We would go for a computer class..There were 4 students..
And, we both would never stop our talks and, Our teacher was the calmest person i have ever met in my life..
In the early months, she never got angry.. and simply said.. "please pay attention..."
but, with time, our talks became unstoppable and our dearest Lekha Ma'am had to literally hit us with a thin stick..
and, i remember, Gaurav would always try to hide it somewhere... and
Ma'am knew it so she began keeping a spare stick too..
Later on, we had a notebook, which was reserved for the talking purpose..
we would talk over pages... and I still cherish all those talks of ours..!
Hey buddy..!
I Swear whatever happens, you will always be my best buddy!
Cheers and luck to you!

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