Friday, March 13, 2009

Before I forget, Would love to include a special friend...
A friend..?? or should i say a teacher..??
It was my Albino Pal, Rafaa's earnest request that I should include her in my blog too.
Hence, here comes My Royal Friend...
My Economics Professor, Daisy Santmayor.
Basically, she is a wonderful teacher and not just that, but, a great person too.

When I meet somebody, it is the first impression that matters the most.
If I don't like a person in the first encounter, I will never be able to appreciate them later too.
But, she is one of the few exceptions because
at the very beginning, I was not a fan of hers at all.
But, with time,
I started inculcating interest towards the subject and the credit is truly hers.

2007 passed and 2008 dawned.
And, why i call her my Royal Friend...?
you might be making various guesses.
It was a memorable incident... dating back to 11th march, 2008.
That's the day when she had told me...
"Thanx for Being such a wonderful friend."

From then on, I started getting close to her.
Now, at the end of my 12th, I feel she is one of the teachers I will miss meeting.
Am a highly sarcastic little soul
and would enjoy teasing her and unlike others,
She is a charming Gemini,
who loves to talk away to glory and would sportingly bear my cheeky blows and would never leave a chance to tease me too..!
Simply treasure the togetherness i enjoyed with her.
The few special incidents that strike my mind.. everytime i think of her.. are..

First And the Foremost...
Once our class had organised a function for the staff members but, she had missed it...basically, she had forgotten it And this was something I never expected.
So i had stopped talking to her...The next day, she told me..
"Aru, Am feeling guilty yaar...Baat Kar Na! Please..."
And, I acted truly pricy and didn't speak but later on...I felt I was wrong on my part and so said sorry to her and asked her not to feel guilty...and, to my utter amazement..
She told her special naughty way
"When Was I feeling guilty..??"
And, I just didn't have anything to say.. was completely flabbergasted to hear this reply..Still remember that day.

Second one..
a pretty hilarious one...
During the lectures, It is tough for any teacher to stop me from speaking and hers too is no exception.
Infact, she would get extra dose of comments from me.
Once, she was teaching something and said that various malls give discounts.
And, there I went... screaming.. Big Bazaar.. Pantaloons...Star Bazaar...Nirmal Lifestyle...Subhiksha...Infinity etc..!
Now, she said
"Aru... no more.
I will pick you up and throw you out of the window."
She thought that would have put me to silence... but in vain.I replied..
"You Cannot..!"
and, even she couldn't control replying..
"Don't challenge me... I will... I can..
Atleast I can punch you and make a poster of yours on the wall."
And, after that lecture, she had given me mentos..haha...
I simply loved the pampering she would shower on me.

But, sure there were days when she like a perfect guide made me understand what's wrong and what's right.
But, even her serious lectures were never without smiles.
I remember once she had scolded me and then,
Had asked me to solve papers and threatened
If at all, I didn't study hard, she would drop in at my house to make me proper and i had said...
and, after hearing this... she could simply not stop laughing and said,
Now that the time has come to leave the college,
I realy feel too low when i look back and recall these events as i know that am not going to get all these back to relive them.
But, nevertheless, these act as the softest cushion when nothing on Earth seems to be happy and i feel extremely upset.
Thanx a lot for supporting me.. and guiding me towards what is right.

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