Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Best Buddy From Schooldays...!

Grishma Ahluwalia...

She has been a very close friend of mine.

Though great distances exist betwen us, today..
She still is my forever best friend...
Grish.. That's how I dearly address her..!

Here, I would love to dedicate a short story I had written for her...
soonafter fate had ended our days of togetherness..


The friendship That existed between grish n me…was a subject of envy for everybody else.. as it was truly magical and unconditional.. It was the talk of our 2nd room...that's our classroom.We didn't match in anything though. I would chirp away to glory andflaunt my pearly whites. Troubles being my best buddy next to Grishma. Was ever ready to help out my friendsand in thorough love with English. I even had a part-time job...that was studying. While Grishma... Dutiful, Disciplined, Shy, Perfectionist, Scholastic short an Allrounder...but one has to pardon her for her unpunctuality. It was just an enigma for the fellow palsto solve that how did we achieved such a fascinating friendship...??

I had learnt some of the basic lessons of life from Grishma..that's not to hurt others by teasing them, being patient, what is trust and never to break promises. Grishma had her own way of looking into situations...which never matched my outlook. I, being punctual had to wait for her everyday since we both entered the school together....I would everyday threaten her that I won't wait for her anymore, but both of us, knew deep in our hearts that it was just a fake show of anger. I would help Grishma in her disciplinary duties [Would rather play with the kids while she would try to administer discipline in them while the school dispersal] and even draw diagrams at times for her journals.

I was never a great scholar like Grishma. But, she never boasted of this fact. Infact, she would be very concerned about my studies. Our silly argument still adds a bright touch to my canvas of life.. Grishma gradually started nurturing her habit of receiving treats without any reason from me. She would always correct my flaws...Though, she never meant to hurt me, but if I would be the stubborn soul, Grishma would even use her weapons of words... which werereal blows...reminding... the ACT 5 Julius Caesar dialogue..

"Words Before Blows Countrymen..!!.. "

But just as the saying goes...
"Nothing can stay at the zenith for a long time..."
It was maybe our fate that made us hit the splitways. The long Evening Strolls and the Gossips saw their end approaching...Our board Exams were on the run.. when on the 12th March afternoon... Grishma spoilt my mood with the disheartening news that she might be shifting and she maybe here for only about another 22 days.But, that small word 'might' left me witha glowing ray of hope and I thought because April Fool's day is nearing maybe Grishma is playing a prank. But, even this doubt was washed away when I witnessed the packing going on at her place with my own eyes. Though God had numbered our days of togetherness, he failed to do so for our friendship to last. Because as Grishma's car receded away from my town... the essence of friendship was not at all admonished by the distance. It was still the same. The heavenly phone service helped the bond survive and thus our friendship is still a sheer topic of discussion among our pals...
We are the best of friends..!!..

Have met many new ones.. n am enjoying the company of many great friends too..
but, somehow,
Grish still occupies the softest corner of my heart….

Hope our friendship persists forever regardless of where our future may lead us to...!!...
Three Cheers to our Friendship..
Hip Hip hurray..!!..
Hip Hip hurray..!!..
Hip Hip hurray..!!..

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  1. grishma ahluwaliaMay 13, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    loved it!!!
    thnx my bff!!


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