Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wishes and Dreams, Some Beyond Reach!

My Dear Readers,

Before you reach the heart of this post, I want to make one thing very clear.
I have not yet watched 'Anjaana Anjaani' and this post was under construction over the last few months and it's finally ready. So, it was not the disastrous Rom-Com's aftermath. 
(P.S:Watch the movie for its Songs as well as Ranbir's debonair looks! He is a true charmer.)

Coming back to this post, I am a born dreamer and when I say a 'Dreamer' , I do not mean a dreamer who dreams easily achievable things. My dreams are always Larger Than Life. In the simplest words, I DREAM ONLY BIG ! And, keeping that in mind, when I sat down to pen down my Bucket List, I figured out more than I ever thought I would. But, never mind, when it's MY BUCKET LIST, you must expect such crazy list items. :P Afterall, I truly believe in 'LIVING LIFE KING SIZE..!' What a male chauvinistic phrase that is..! So, I would rather put it this way - "I ENJOY LIVING LIFE, QUEEN SIZE!" Sounds much more sane! :P

Now, moving on to my wish list, there's one more thing to be noted. That is, when you read the list, do not just read it but keep in mind because you can save your money from now on and gift me one or the other listed item for my coming birthdays.

So, here goes MY TREASURED BUCKET-LIST: (Saving the best for the, read till the end!)

- Own an enormous collection of ORIGINAL FOUNTAIN PENS: Oh My God! THEY ARE SO ELEGANT and, it makes me feel like an intellectual when i use a fountain pen for signing or writing. 

- Own a collection of signature Perfumes: Preferably the antique ones with the likes of Coco Chanel, Yardley & Caron..and the list is endless.

- Own a JET BLACK 'Volkswagen Beetle' car: The Older, the better! Infact, even if the steering wheel doesn't work or the tyres cannot be replaced, never mind, I simply wish to have one parked outside my house. 

- Own an 'AGED' Grand Piano: 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even a 5th hand one will do. But, it should belong to the imperial British Raj days!

- Have a ceiling height wallpaper of John Lennon on one of the four walls in my room: Oh my god! am already imagining one! 

- Wish for a truly vintage WINE collection, straight from the French Vineyards, which will grow better with time and be the best by the time I close my eyes as I am neither going to consume them nor let anybody else taste them.

- Wish to visit the Unique Book Fair of our country...atleast once. The Yearly Kolkata Boi Mela (The Calcutta Book Fair)

- Wish to hold my Portrait Photography Exhibition : This is simply because I am just too horrible when it comes to Portrait Photography and yes! I have acquired a bad reputation for clicking photographs wherein apparently, I make all my friends appear fat and ugly. Hence, I have taken up this challenge to prove them wrong and, the name of the exhibition is going to be 'THE FACES'. 

- Wish to attend the National Film Awards ceremony: Oh My ! I will get to see the intellectual cream of the film industry. (Am already dreaming about a start studded evening..mostly hailing from the Cultural Capital of INDIA- Bengal. Sorry! I tend to get pompous and end up being a chauvinist! Can't forget my Creative Writing Prof's comment on my Poem addressing me as Miss Bong ! :P)

- Enjoy a 3 month long vacation in Goa...all alone to myself, reminiscing the best days of life... (preferably during my last days...)

- Learn to play the guitar chords properly.

Now, the most important ones:

- Visit KOLKATA during DURGA PUJA.

- Celebrate one of my birthdays during my 30s or 40s... with the very very few people who know me or understand me the best.

- Trip to France: That's like my One Big Dream ! If anybody asks me which country should be made the world capital for Culture, Art and Literature; without any second thoughts I will vote for France.
  I have already planned the Itinerary for the trip:
  * The Musée du Louvre (Grand Louvre Museum!) 
  * Spend a night watching the glorious Eiffel ! 
  * The picturesque French Riviera.
  * Evening strolls at the shady boulevards of Paris.
  * Cannes (hopefully get a glimpse of the Cannes Film Festival)
  * Notre Dame Cathedral. Want to feel the gothic ambience there.
  * The Stellar architectures of Chateau de Versailles. The grand vestige of the French Monarchy.
  * And, hope to wrap up the trip with an extremely long drive through the breathtaking landscapes of the Alps.

And, with this, ends my Bucket List. Instead of calling it the Bucket List, I guess I can even call it the "Extravagant ways of Material Drain". :P Anyway, It's just a Wish list and Wishes need not always be true though, it feels great when they are a part of our reality. So, here I conclude this list of mine, with fingers crossed and maybe when I take my last breath, my fingers stay crossed even then.

ALWAYS DREAM BIG, RATHER THE BIGGEST that way, even if the Biggest ones are not fulfilled, the BIG ones surely will be true.


  1. wow!!!!.....awsome....all ur wishes will be true....amen!!!!!

  2. itz simply awesome!! i hop all ur drmz coms true....specialy d volkswagen beetle car!!! :)) do visit kolkata during d puja dys,,u vil lik it....nd i vil tak u 2 d kolkata boi mela..... :))

  3. awsum!!i cant help but agree wit ur absolutely fantastic wishlist!!:D

  4. nice to know ur "wish-list" ...
    God bless u n may it come true very soon...

  5. hm. sum1 will find it better now to gift u sumthin..

  6. @ Hormaz n RJ.... I hope for that toooooo...except for some of the wishes..which r time dependent... :P

    @ Piyali.... I so wish to visit it.. this year the theme was Mexico ryt ?? I sooo miss it every year....

    @ Karen... The Archers wish alike... :)

    @ Romita... it's not specifically for's for everyone.. :P

  7. i guess d french trip is al planned out u jus need 2 set d dates
    hope all d others r fulfilled 2

  8. hmmm.. i am doing a few from these.. some really very soon and a few later when i earn..
    i am gonna learn guitar ... i wil definitely come for ur exhibition too.. and volkswagen beetle is simply eye catching yaar.. i jus love it.. and the ultimate one .. FRANCE.. let the day come..
    well these were my wishes..
    but a good blog.... u opend up ur heart.. thats very good..

  9. @ P... who is this ??

    @ Anonymous... come for the exhibition.... before that GLIMPSES is also dere !

  10. wud hv been better without (P.S:Watch the movie for its Songs as well as Ranbir's debonair looks! He is a true charmer.)

    and the Durga Puja - you can visit it this year, IF YOU GIVE YOUR EXAMS A MISS!

  11. wen ur heading to france....m jining u..:D

  12. @ rrivu n allan.. u both can surely join me ... provided you take care of your own expenses... :P

    @ rrivu.... why dont u too give a miss to ur tests and tuitios and have a blast this pujo ??

  13. oye dat was nt a BUCKET LIST (it wont fit in a bucket so..:P)
    btw...nice wishes, i reali njoied and loved glancing through it...:)
    so WORK HARD to FULL FILL THEM....evn il try my bst to gift u some..:)promise...ALL D BST

  14. haha...thank u thank u.. sponsor the french trip for me.. :P

  15. hey sorry for the late comment...was just busy in exams and stuffs !

    Coming to the it was lovely..Bucket full of list ! Hope it gets fulfilled ! :)

  16. cute very cute... i rwalised when it comes to pens and cars.. we are karmic sisters i guess.. or carmic rivals .. u may choose to see it either way... and i already have lucky got some wishes.. puja in calcutta.. and have been to the book fair almost every year i lived in calcutta... keep writing.. i love to read u !

  17. @ fatima... sure r.e.u can comment whnver u feel like...

    @ Neha Ma'am.. (The last part of your comment confirmed your identity... :P because otherwise I know around 4 Nehas...but none of them ever stayed in Calcutta..)
    We will be rivals bu I am sure you will be generous enough to give me a share of your collection.. :D
    And I envy your for the Durga puja and book fair part ! :|


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