Monday, October 25, 2010


So did I ask you for anything ?
I am sure, I didn't.
Or did I expect a bit ?
Oh! No. Never.
Then, from where does this rift arise?
Why a feeling of sad demise?

The line; too distinct; it was drawn,
The rains didn't wash away, neither did it disappear by any storm.
O October! Why be so fateful?
A want so eerie, a wish so wistful.
Oh! Do not fear thee,
Like yesterday, it will never be.
A step or two, I did walk too much,
Still I didn't let the past with my present, merge.

I cannot lie, I put forth the truth,
I waited and waited, nothing helped the wait dilute.
In front of the mirror, now I question myself,
what book of expectations did reappear on the shelf?
From where on Earth did it return?
I go solemnly blank as I try to discern.

So, what do you suggest is needed?
Another long summer, another spell of rain?
I know nothing will suffice anymore,
to demolish the wall between my heart and brain!

No entry, yes! No entry for you,
No right you possess to reduce my laughter to smiles too few.
No room, anymore empty to again let you in,
Thus, I breath a sigh of relief, without an evil grin.


  1. Awee it's beautiful and heart touching too !
    So much was said through this the way certain words express your emotions and feelings so very deeply !

  2. Sweet... Bittersweet I must say. The fact that it was raining outside here made me connect with the poem even more! Keep writing :)

  3. its so sad....lifes tough. and stakes are high
    but we have to keep on moving

    beautifully written.

    don't worry, time will get better soon


  4. @ FATIMA.. & AAKASH:
    thank you...thank u ! :D

    @ Deepika... thank you sooo much!
    the words mean a lot !

  5. words always matter :)
    its important for them to be said at right time.
    take care

  6. nice lines Arundhati.....wonderfully expressed.


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