Monday, May 10, 2010

Comprehending Emotions !

The ladies chatter and the men murmur,
The children are into their dreamy slumber...

Everything is right in their place,
While all alone, I simply star-gaze!

Thy silent smile holds a barrel of tears,
Where shall I...Empty my fears??

Like the thunders we hear in the sorrow of the cloud...
I don't want to express myself so loud..!

Is there anybody to comprehend my emotions?
For I am left with no more confessions..!

The woods are growing old, soon they'll fall...
Me too am finding tough to stand tall!

When you slammed the door, the door behind me closed...
That was the moment all my joys left me...when I needed them the most!


  1. ohhh...a lot hidden inside ur HUGE BRAIN...!!!
    gud work...

  2. thank you nishith..
    not brain.. HEART actually...!

  3. The poem does not suit your persona. Cheer up and write about brighter things .

    Raina Ma'am.

  4. This is like reality.. which hurts!!! but srsly one day or the other uv got 2 learn 2 make ur own self smile.. hop ur happy n thgs wil dfntly b ri8 1 dy..!!!! dis is a beautiful poem.. but plz remember.. after every night there is day.. :) smile!!!

  5. ha ha ha...!!
    m gonna use it...!!

    dats all...!!!

    ur freakinn AMAZINN...:O

  6. I cant stop crying ... !!!
    can i hug u after such an emotional poem !!!
    ( alwaz lookin for a chance )
    Cool goin !!!
    Enjoy life to the core !!

  7. I dint like it...seriously it dint make much sense...though I liked da last 2 lines,but I felt it was quite an abrubt still good :)

  8. Nice work


  9. @ Ma'am... The poem is not written by the usual's my Alter Ego's work. :D It comes out in the open at times.

    @ Zahir & Richa ... Thank you! :)

    @ Reuben ... Yes you may definitely use it and make a wonderful song out of it.

    @ Rafaa... Check out the song I have got out of this poem...thanx to Reuben, it has turned out to be worth listening !

    @ Sharon ... :)

  10. can I get da link of the song...if possible,mail me da song :)

  11. Hey it's a nice one ! depicts reality such an emotional and beautiful poem ! truly poems do express a lot of emotions !!


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