Monday, March 8, 2010

'MY LIFE' musically expressed by my 'DEAR JOHN'.....

'GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING' to all my readers!

'YESTERDAY', I 'BORROWED TIME' from my busy and hectic schedule and was retrospecting for a while. I hallucinated 'JOHN & YOKO' in my room. 'YA YA!' and I exclaimed, "'YOU ARE HERE'?!!?!?"
As i heard The Beatles' music floating in the air, both of them whispered in my ears "'IMAGINE !!'" and all that followed was 'MY LIFE' through 'LONG LOST JOHN's' compositions.

I recall as a child, 'WATCHING THE WHEELS' of big cars and small ones and asking too many questions. The replies to which almost always started with 'BECAUSE...'. I went to school and 'I FOUND OUT' too many new mysterious things that 'NOBODY TOLD ME' earlier about. Being an extremely talkative student, I heard a different 'WOMAN' every year repeating, "'LOOK AT ME'", everytime I would wish to turn around and talk to my friends. Some dull classmates of mine would comfortably doze off to sleep while the teacher would be imparting lessons. I wondered, "'HOW DO YOU SLEEP?'" with so much happening around you every moment?

Half a dozen years passed and I learnt not to rush over things but too take 'ONE DAY AT A TIME'. With few more years of more and more 'MIND GAMES', with my dearest buddies, I reached the point 'IN MY LIFE', where i could hear too many voices reiterating " 'DONT LET ME DOWN!!!' " Seriously, 'IT'S SO HARD' when on one hand, you want to be 'FREE AS A BIRD', while on the other hand, you know 'WHAT YOU GOT' to do in reality is not an easy task.

Then when the judgement day arrived, all we knew was 'HARD TIMES ARE OVER'...with flying colours everywhere, all we heard was 'BLESS YOU!' After all the hullabaloo, I sat in 'ISOLATION' and had a conversation with 'GOD'.
and I heard his gentle voice say, "My 'SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN!' You must always know that 'NOBODY LOVES WHEN YOU ARE DOWN AND OUT' and so never feel 'CRIPPLED INSIDE' and never let 'LONELINESS' reside in your heart. Wear the smile like you have done all these years and life will be as simple as A..B...C..."

Everything seemed to be perfect until the fateful day which marked a brand new beginning! It was 'JUST LIKE STARTING OVER' from the scratch as everything seemed so very different. 'OUT OF THE BLUE,' 'I FOUND OUT,' way too many glares which were piercing through me.
After a couple of days, I told myself, " 'I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER' that 'IT'S SO HARD' this way. 'I DONT WANNA FACE IT' ". Every afternoon, I felt like screaming from the depth of my soul..."Why don't you guys...'GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!!' Don't promote dictatorship !! Every single 'WAR IS OVER !!'"Soon enough, 'I FOUND OUT' what message was actually conveyed through the same very statement. Some would say "'YOU ARE HERE!!'" but, would sarcastically mean "so, 'YOU ARE HERE !'" while there were few wonderful souls who said "YOU ARE HERE!" and I felt they were welcoming me with open arms.

There I spent two very happening years. There were days IN MY LIFE, when i found myself saying, "I'M LOSING YOU!" and there were times when I thought "I FEEL FINE!". After all the hustle and bustle, I stepped out again. This time to my present world. And, now....'IN MY LIFE', 'I'VE GOT A FEELING' that am as 'FREE AS A BIRD' and 'I KNOW' for sure that 'HARD TIMES ARE OVER' and, it's best to be a 'WORKING CLASS HERO'ine!!!!!

And, as I laughed over my improvisation of 'WORKING CLASS HERO', I heard the legend crooning,

'YA! YA!'...that man always knew the right thing at the right time.
I just love JOHN LENNON who wonderfully penned down my whole life in his discography.
CHEERS TO LENNON for writing songs for every season and every reason !
There shall never be another ambassador for peace like him and the impeccable image of UTOPIA that he projects in his song, 'IMAGINE', defnitely sets him apart from the milling crowd of the songwriters of his era and the eras that followed.
Lennon was not for only the Sixties, but he will be alive in every heart till the end of mankind.
He redefined PEACE and LOVE through his soul stirring compositions.
Lets call it a post and end it with another stroke from the maestro's collection.... 'GOODNIGHT!'


  1. good work Arundhati
    nice info about john i mis his band beetles
    IMAGINE is my fav track

  2. I love it..... I love John Lennon...And this is a really nice tribute to him......

  3. Hey Jaffery! Thanx a lot dude! I love The Beatles. They were more than just a Band!
    IMAGINE tops my list of favs too !!

  4. Hey Kritika... Thank u..Thank u!
    Everybody Loves Lennon...The Appreciations mean a lot!

  5. Good ........ (sorry i didnt read a word ..... except for some few starting lines) ...... too long ...... here's a blogging tip .... try to keep posts short .....coz normal internet users have short term memmories ......

  6. Truly awesome dear...its really a fantastic work...keep it up...I just loved it...

  7. i dunno bout lennon (sorry) bt u rock!!...i completely understand ur worship n d tribute was undoubtedly one-of-its-kind, truly brilliant!!...
    honestly i dont realise ur blog' length as they r so fkin immersive...
    master-piece 4 a maestro, i believe....
    U ROCK!! \_/

  8. nicely woven around a person whom you so ardently admire..!!
    I,not being a john lennon fan myself,have liked your creative twist to the story..
    keep up the good work,let it flow..
    cheers..and peace

  9. Hey Ishan! Thanks for that tip...shall keep in mind...

    @ Romita... Thanx.. Why did you stop blogging..? would like to see you back in the world of blogging!

    Hey Aashika..thanx for liking the post! John Lennon is a real MAESTRO!

    @ defintiely an Ardent Admirer of Lennon. I knew you would be able to comprehend the twist...haha!
    There's sure more and more to come up...

  10. lovely writing .....soo much craze abt sumtyn newa thot .....buh lovely piece of work nxt 2 perfection.....sehr gut ......ich liebe es

  11. awesome...really instigated my respect for your writing and john lennon.....keep up the gud work...all the songs selected were gud though my fav is "dont let me down"

  12. nice work chatterjee..

  13. awesome aru... luvd ur writing.. true fan of lennon i must say

  14. u rele a great fan of lennon lol. me dnt reli no much abt lennon ..... but love yr writing!! :)

  15. @ Siddhi...

    Teach me German..please! I can't comprehend what you wrote at the end... By the way...Thanx thanx..
    Ya! I love Lennon crazily..and can go on and on and on talking about him...for hours!

    @ Tathagata...
    Thanx..a lot...and "Don't Let Me Down" is definitely a classic track!

    @ Andrea [anonymous!]
    Am looking forward to another lecture on Rock Music from that I can again sing the way I did....the last time! It was fun...

    N thanx for appreciating!

    @ Nikita...& Renelle...
    Hey! thanx for the title of being Lennon's true fan..and great fan!
    Ask ANIKET how religiously I admire Lennon.

    Will post more often as the exams get over!

  16. d crazy rafi n d magnamous lennon fan.....way 2 go....yoohooo....ur si d jenny of all almost all trades....muahaha....lotsa love n good luck...

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    Raina Ma'am.

  18. @ Gargi...

    Definitely am a REAL CRAZY fan of the Legendary singer...Mohd Rafi.
    I fear I might end up writing Lennon all over the Literature paper. haha!

    @ Ma'am...

    Marketing n Management would have been a Piece of Cake with John Lennon as the subject matter....haha!

    Won't mind studying Integrated Marketing..if we get to study such notes for it... :)

  19. well dear!ur blog reminds me of the song from "ek duuje ke liye" which says "mere jeevansaathi pyaar kiye ja,jawaani deewani,khubsoorat ziddi padosan,satyam shivam sundaram"!it is composed totally on names of movies.

  20. Mr Lennon would have been very pleased, and uttered only one phrase:

    "Just IMAGINE"!!!

  21. @ Romi Dada... [Ujaan Welfare Society]
    And, your comment makes THIS post complete ...
    Thanx..I wish Mr.Lennon would have been with us.

  22. Speechless...U do noe hw to show ur love n pay tribute to those who are xtremely close to ur heart...U rock bigtym...Au revoir :)

  23. Lennon deserves bigger tributes ! He is the TRUE LEGEND IN EVERY SENSE... thoughts...ideas..values...and compositions!


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