Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too Close To Be Far....

There was this damsel,
as pretty and vulnerable as anybody could ever be....
Her Romeo, after months finally decided to open up today,
All one saw in Lucy's eyes was the dream of finally being "WE".

It was a warm sunny afternoon,
Lucy left her house, in spirits high.
Months' wait finally coming to an end,
She couldn't conceal her excitement, though she tried!

He was fond of flowers, she thought...
Quickly entering a florist's shop, vibrant blossoms she bought.
Soon in a minute or two, she was back on road,
All she knew was there would be nobody now to stop.

Hurried to their favorite colossal Banyan tree,
Under which he had once said..."I LOVE THEE !"
As she stood there longing for his glimpse,
Her heart skipped a sudden beat, she personified glee !

There she saw that wondrous smile, yes! there was that captivating look..
No wonder, their first meeting got them hooked.
Lucy's heart jumped wildly as she saw him nearing,
The dream she chiseled for so long, was finally materializing.

But, something seemed obnoxiously wrong.
The mischievious stare in his eyes was replaced by coldness,
Only Pain and grief was what she saw,
All over his face.

"What could it be ?", she silently wondered.
Could he give away his heart to somebody else ?
or did he wish to so away from her,
without leaving back any trace ?

He came close and held her tight,
She knew that everything seemed really right.
She could never let him go,
Without him, the sun in her sky could never glow.

But, destiny held a separation in store for them,
Love was never so easy, It appeared to be a devilish game.
He locked his eyes with hers and said that their dream was meant to forever stay as a dream,
As his people would never wish to see them in one single frame.

That evening, together they vowed under the Banyan tree,
No matter how far, their love shall be !
The gleaming bouquet rested on the rigid branches as a symbol of their undying flame,
They promised to one another, their hearts no other shall ever claim.

As they went on their own distinct paths that dusk,
They never knew what future for them, fate had lurk.
Though never did they try crossing paths again,
Instead of You and Me, they lived ever after as "WE".

The distance between them hardly mattered,
As they felt protected in each other's bosom.
They weaved the tapestry of their dream in their hearts,
The separation was defeated by their magical bond.

Years later, just like the tree is connected to the withered bouquet,
They are attached, though their hair has turned grey.
Lucy still is the fragile little girl behind that wrinkled face,
And her name still makes his ruckled face all ablaze.


  1. wowwwwwwwwwww... arundhati this poem is off da hook... its so simple yet it has such deep emotions that it touched my heart completely... this is by far ur best poem imo... u shud publish this poem in ur college magazine if possible... gr8 work... hats off to ya :)

  2. Hey! thank you..thank you!
    Actually...all thanks to the literature lecture and the photograph!
    I tried to understand the presentation, but somehow failed and after 15-20 minutes, this photograph of mine just came into my mind..and was thinking about it... I kind of love this photo a lot. Then, I thought that a story could be easily written keeping this picture in mind..then thought Story ain't my cup of tea... and, finally resorted to writing a poem..and by the end of the 100 mins long lecture... the poem was almost complete... Thanks Rafaa once again!

  3. boo hoo hoo!tragic yet nobody dies at the end!

  4. Am not interested in death or anything related to death...hence, no deaths..!...

  5. The more I know u, the more i discover ur talents....wat a girl....poetry, painting, photography, far, creativity at its best!!! Hats off to u...

  6. haha! Thanx thanx.. but u don't know my craziness n Madness...yet! Dibbo calls me the latest cartoon!

  7. Thats simply marvellous! Thoughta of a true saggi!!.... Only artistic saggis can do this.... Loved its theme...- Sangjukta

  8. haha!! Thanx Thanx Sangju! Ya We the Saggis..rule the world of madness...craziness...passion...fanaticism and fun!
    Cheers to my lovely Sagittarian buddy!

  9. Andrea FernandesMay 7, 2010 at 6:06 AM


  10. Interesting work. Did you ever get anything published?


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