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Mrinalini,through my eyes!

there is yet another kind of love, love where there is no expectation… love that sets you free…!”

Aparna Sen’s ‘Iti Mrinalini’ redefines silver screen brilliance in ways more than one and proves to be memorable forever because of innumerable reasons. But, first things first, I am not even remotely interested in giving away the details of the story because that is for you to unravel. Now, you must be wondering then what purpose does this article serve.

Ah! I am in awe of the movie and it’s been on my mind for too long now.  And, after pondering over it for weeks, I have decided to write something about the movie without revealing the story. Though, there are huge chances of failing miserably in this attempt of mine.

To begin with, people might wonder what is so unique about the film... Apart from being an Aparna Sen movie, there’s a lot more that the movie has in store for the audience. This time round, the director is not just the anchor of the movie but even the protagonist and is sharing screen space with her daughter, Konkona. Doesn’t this fact remind you of Rituporno Ghosh’s ‘Titli’? I would rather not write anything about ‘Titli’ for that is once again an impeccably beautiful piece of art and I can go on and on writing about it.
Now, the twist in the tale is that while in Titli, the real life mother and daughter portrayed inexplicably the sensitivities of a mother-daughter relationship on screen, here, they impersonate the same character but in different time periods. The story begins during the turbulent Naxalite Seventies in Calcutta and ends in today’s urban Kolkata.

Well, the movie does have many more undercurrents than what it presents with its face value. Watch for them!

‘Death’ helps the story sink wholly into you. It is not a mere death of an individual but the decease of one’s trust; demise of a stalwart; end of a career; dissolution of dreams and most importantly, complete annihilation of expectations!

The film guarantees you a new connection. Yes! By the time, the movie is about to end, you will find yourself emotionally connected to the central character and why not? After all, you will find a part of yourself in her. And, mark my words, you will be startled with the last scene and wish things would have ended differently.

On a much larger canvas, the film’s theme focuses on the arbitrariness of life. The story speaks volumes of the randomness of situations and the unexpected turn of events in our life, which are generally out of our control.
Celebrated auteur Aparna Sen has always been eminent for her emotional story telling without overdoing the drama. With ‘Iti Mrinalini’, she elevates sensitivity to a completely sublime level and transcends it beyond practicality. Who has not shed a tear while watching ‘36 Chowringhee Lane’, ‘15 Park Avenue’ or ‘Yugant’ for that matter? Similarly, do expect to find yourself in tears after leading Mrinalini’s life through 24 frames per second.

Yes! The film will deeply move you and let me tell you what will happen after you finish watching the film. You are definitely going to spend the next couple of days or maybe even more reminiscing every phase of your life and remembering every detail of it. There are chances of you even sitting with all your memorabilia and reliving every bit of your past. 
The bottomline of the film is that it will be a once in a lifetime cinematic experience, not worth missing, whatsoever.

Err…did I reveal any bit of the plot? I suppose no… so, here goes my understanding of the poignant Mrinalini without scrutinizing her part by part but, loving her as a whole.


  1. nice as ever

  2. hmm....what should I say ?? I've not watched bengali cinema yet so dunno much about the actors..but if I've to say just about the article then I must say you did a fantastic job, wrote so much but not a hint about the story...

    Liked it :)

  3. @ griffen.. thank u..

    @ fatima.. You should watch it...
    it has not yet released...
    and, once it releases..and i get the dvd.. i shall give it to you..alongwith Antaheen..!

  4. feel u indeed are hell lot touchd by this movie...theme seems good actually..:P....though sad flicks r not ma time...might watch it if i get a chance coz ur words have woven an illusion..which i have no words 4....
    nyc article..lets see how the movie is....:P

  5. @'s not a movie about sadness alone.. it's a sheer FILIGREE OF EMOTIONS ON SCREEN !

  6. A very matured preview.
    At the same time, you have not revealed the plot.

  7. Aparna Sen is indeed a goddess of sorts. Plays with the audiences mind, grips them emotionally and renders them puppets in her masterful hands. Wonderful!!!

  8. very well told, or rather untold.... hope this article just increases the curiosity for the film even more.

  9. NOW I AM CURIOUS EVN MORE!!!!!! i want to watch the movie right away..!!! very well written .... loved the pics.. ;) an overall awesome review..!! d b .. :)

  10. dekhte hobe dekhchhi. but by this i realize, u've chosen just the right profession for urself..

  11. Lovely write-up !! of a beautiful movie I am sure ... you built in the mystery. With the dogma of a turbulent past as a teaser, I guess only watching the movie will unveil the present state of life for the characters.
    Loved your blog ! Great job ! Can't wait to read your critiques in popular publications. Lots of love !

  12. @ deep ... Thank You..... :D

    @ Archie... I truly agree with you...

    @ Shaheb... I too hope this article heightens the curiosity...and mark my's going to be a super duper hit ! Waiting for its release...

    @ Gayatri... It's more of a preview..nt a review.. :P

    @ Sukanya... Dekhte hobei hobe...
    My profession...acc 2 my choice if everything goes..will be photography... :P :P

    @ Aparajita... Indeed the movie is sheer beauty...
    Thank you soo much for the appreciations...Hope your second last concluding statement proves true ! :D

  13. pass the dvd to me,as and when you get it.I loved 36 chowringhee lane and 15 park avenue a hell lot.And I expect this one to be nice too,the way you put it across.

  14. @ meher... And the movie wil surely live upto ur expectations... :D

  15. 'Iti Mrinalini' is a must watch.
    By the way, the write up is brilliant, and good job on keeping the plot under wraps.

  16. i hardly knw nytyn abt t bong movies buh yeaa if bong movies need a reviewer den its got 2 b u!!

  17. @ rrivu... Do watch it as soon as the film releases.. I am dying to watch it once again...

    @ siddhi... haha...if you do not know bong movies, you actually know nothing about indian cinema.. do watch some of them... u wont regret watching them !

  18. well written AC....even I am badly waiting to watch this one....aparna sen has been one of my favorites :)

  19. nice review...personally speaking, do you feel that after the Mumbai young critics thing you have become a better reviewer?or it has helped you in understanding cinema better?

    here's a review which doesn't praise d movie...thought u would like to check it out...tell me what you feel about...

  20. @ rasik...
    Thank you..Thank you...
    See..Mumbai Young Critic has been an enriching doubts about that..but, when it comes to reviewing...i firmly believe that unless I detest the movie compeltely or I LOVE the movie blindly..I cannot review basically i cannot be a professional reviewer...
    and, I loved this reviewing its theme wasnt that difficult at all !
    I read that review..much earlier.. It's Plain bogus !

  21. same here yaar...unless i don't completely love or hate a movie i can't review it...i mean i don't enjoy doing becomes a chore...


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