Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cheers! Leave Me Alone!

Was going through the Writer's Block phase and wanted to break it.
Tried my hand at versifying free verses but, alas! that's tough to do when writing serious poems after months.

Cheers! Leave Me Alone! 

Cheerful applause filling up the room,
Marching towards me...grand praises galore...
So, what does one carve out of these?
A Rosy life with place only for gayety, isn't it?

Further; racing up the stairs some moments from daybreak, daily...
My curious eardrums absorb the name from voices too many.
"Why me, once again?",the inner voice desires peace of mind,
'Peace of Mind'? Shocked; Tranquility, grew old, too many fortnights.

Popular! accepted with a hint of vanity...
Flashing the universal smile, reviving the sanity.
Scribbling nonsense syllables, engulfed in deep thoughts,
Thoughts; random and ceaseless, distracting; am lost!

"You did it!" laurel comes my way,
The bare void; I know, is still there to stay.
O Victory! do not teach me to celebrate,
Am aware of my ways; let us commemorate!

Another hour brings another cheer,
Another step towards success; am near.
Yet the shadow; Yes! the shadow,
Meets no light too bright; to kindly disappear.

Brilliance! I seek not thee,
It's the endeavour, I never wish for me.
Heard you knocking for sometime now,
Stay on! do not want my guest to be waiting for long!

Silence for an hour and queries are shot like bullets,
Why should I be audible, when I indulge with my heart in word plays?
Why O why, do you need to know every bit of it?
Have I lost the right to keep certain things forever sealed?

The hour of glory, grant me an immediate repose,
Call it a change, but, do not term me morose,
why do you keep digging into my yesterdays,
Yes! that was bliss, I know: but gone are the days.

So you wish to learn the reason for the Void?
Save it for a new day or simply ask Freud.
The man knows them all, the strange games my mind plays,
Spare me, till then, as for now, taciturnity hails!


  1. Fantastic...loved it word-by-word. Good one.

  2. good lyrics dear..keep going

  3. @ T.D , Tanvi n Niki.... Thank You, Thank You ! :)

  4. from photographer to a lyricist
    whooo hooo
    i'm lovin it!!!!!!

  5. wow! damnnn good yeah!!! i lovvee ur language!!! big fan!=*

  6. @ griffen... haha it's the other way around...
    I used to write a lot earlier..then got into photography... :P

    @ Kajal... thanku , thank u ! :)

  7. omg aru...tatz sum real gud stuff..
    speechless...amazng wrk..
    luvvvvd it..:):)

  8. really great yaar!!!
    i loved it.....
    ul soon b a famous peoty aru!!

  9. @ sneha n grish...

    thank u thank u.... :D

  10. brillant....i lovd it....
    gime some tips hw 2 b an all roundr lyk u...i wish i cud b lyk u....

  11. I love your creativity. You are talented. I only pray that your talent doesn't get stinted by our education system. Watching "3 Idiots" and writing these words.
    Your parents must be proud of you. The entire society should be proud of you.
    I'm elated to have you as a young friend.
    God bless you.
    - Deep Banerjee.

  12. wow!!! didn know dat u have got dis talent too...awesm dear... PROUD TO BE UR FRND...:)

  13. @ deep banerjee ....... Thank you soooooooooo much......! :) :)

    @ Anupam... Join BMM, even you will discover a poet within u ! :P

  14. hehe....vry smart answer han...;)

  15. I remember, even u might hv remember it , once in Royal college during our political lecture ma’am told us to label our first letter of our name with some adjective and u said “All Rounder Arundhati.” At that time I didn’t realized it but now I came to know that after seeing yours wonderful works that you are indeed an all rounder no doubt.

    Even I do write poems but comparative to urs is much far behind. And most important you are my inspiration 4 everything like whether it is 4 photography or writing skills.

    Cheers for you Arundhati ... :)

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  17. @ Manisha... I had almost forgotten reminded me... and, now when i recalled it, it sounded so pompous ! :P
    anyway, in life, a lot many things that we have done feels crazy and foolish...later when we retrospect... haha!

    Lol..the inspiration part was a bit too much !!!!!!!

    Thank u thank u !!!!!!!!!!! :D

  18. 'So you wish to learn the reason for the Void?
    Save it for a new day or simply ask Freud.'
    just loved it..!!!!!!!!!! toooh ghoodd.....!!!! :D watin for more..!! :D ;)

  19. i loved every bit of it...awesome aruuu..u inspire me :)

  20. all i can say is it's so true word to word....and it is just awesome!

  21. @ Gayatri and Digi.. Thank u, Thank u !!! :D

    @ Rimi Di... Thank u Thank U.... waiting to meeet you !!!!!!


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